The fastest and easiest way to implement your
business/service based on Internet of Things (IoT)
without electronics or IT knowledge

Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s the way that inanimate objects or animals connect to the internet, like a fridge, the structure of a building, air quality or even a horse’s dermal temperature. Your choice

Hardware plug&play

Our hardware consists in wireless, intelligent sensors that can measure many variables. As easy as connecting a new lamp, just turn it on and start collecting data

Web Application

It will allow you to read all the data from the sensors in real time and apply your own custom analysis. It’s your data, so worry only about doing what you know

Your own business

We want you to make that new IoT-based idea a reality. Our kits will allow you to make a full and complete service. You are the expert in your area, we provide the technology to bridge the gap

  • Develop in no time

    Based on our technology, you won’t need to invest time (or money) in electronics development (or industrial production) nor in a web application. We have included all that in a plug&play kit

  • Solution's Implementation

    Create your own new services in the blink of an eye, just worry about doing what you know to do. The world needs your idea turned into reality

  • Scalable

    Our goal is that you can start your own business as quickly as possible, so we give you the hardware and web application ready to scale based on your customer’s demand

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